Protection Setting Studies

Protection setting studies should be carried out on all new power systems such as a new industrial installation, but also they should be carried out when modifications are made to existing power systems. Judgement needs to be applied in such cases to determine what parts of a full study are needed.

A full protection study comprises:

  • Establish system data
  • Liaison with interested parties
  • Fault level calculation as necessary
  • Prepare drawings and co-ordination graphs
  • Produce setting schedules
  • Preparation of narrative on settings and recommendations
  • Preparation of full report, a controlled document

We offer our services in all aspects of power generation, transmission and distribution from low voltage to extra high voltage transmission networks, upto 500kV.  With extensive industrial knowledge and experience, our design team is capable of developing engineering solutions to meet all challenges of modern power systems.

Our capabilities include:

  • Power system protection studies also known as relay setting studies include load flow analysis, fault level calculations, protection co-ordination studies, motor starting studies, transient stability analysis and design of earthing schemes.
  • Utility and industrial power system protection design.  This includes main & back-up protection schemes for transmission lines, power transformers, EHV & LV underground cables, synchronous & induction machines, busbar and breaker fail protection.
  • Utility and commercial distribution system protection design.
  • Protection design reviews and CT & VT calculations.
  • Producing relay setting schedules, including the production of setting files for relays.
  • Implementing and commissioning protection designs.

Our key clients in this area include Alstom Grid, Schneider Electric, Siemens, Costain Oil & Gas, Fitchner Consulting.

Featured Projects:

Yanbu Oil Refinary, Saudi Arabia
Sinter Fan Project, China
Gadong Power Station, Brunei
Lasmo Bhit Oil Field, Pakistan
Euronext-Liffe, London