Commissioning Services

Commissioning of electrical power systems, including verifying conformity to design drawings, set-up and calibration of all protective devices and testing before initial energizing, is essential to the start up of any electrical system to prevent premature failures and ensure the long-term performance.

We have a strong team of site commissioning engineers with considerable power engineering experience in the UK and world-wide, including offshore, and with a wide range of plant and equipment of many different manufacturers.

Commissioning of Protection Schemes on all power systems from EHV mesh transmission stations to LV radial distributors, generation and industrial and commercial LV distribution.

Commissioning protection and control relays in power transmission and distribution networks including:

  • Distance relay schemes, Fault Locators and Auto-reclose relays
  • Transformer, Motor, Generator, Busbar and Feeder protection
  • Transformer Tap Changing control
  • Synchronising Control
  • Annunciators, Event and Fault Recorders
  • Automatic switching PLCs, power management computers and system instrumentation such as Power, VAr and Power Factor meters
  • Commissioning of generator HV protection and AVR control including automatic synchronisation
  • Commissioning of Circuit Breakers from HV to LV including insulation testing, trip & close, contact bounce and timing tests
  • Voltage and Current Transformer commissioning including primary and secondary injection, magnetisation curves and polarity testing
  • Pressure and Ductor testing of Primary plant including cables, joints, busbars, circuit breakers, generators, and transformers
  • Commissioning Loss of Mains protection for embedded generation
  • Commissioning Pole Slipping protection
  • Quality controlled Commissioning Test Reports for every job, including signed commissioning sheets