China, Shaanxi

1. Site Location: Sinter Fan Project, China

8 MW 1000 rpm sinter fan rotor

Plant Description: An unearthed power system at Sinter Fan Drive System, Longmen Steel Group, China is supplied by a 35 kV switchboard with four transformers 35/10kV, 31.5MVA, Ynd11 each, two for the Sinter Fans 10kV 8.89MVA 0.9p.f Synchronous machines and associated power electronics starting system.

Scope of Work: To carry out a study of the electrical system to recommend SNP-3313, SNP-3372 and 7UM62 relay settings to address the over-current protection co-ordination from the main incomers through to MV switchboards and Synchronous machines. The protection relay settings for the 7UM62 Siprotec protection relays are chosen to provide protection of the sinter motors for all necessary scenarios. We included protection for detecting second earth faults.