Range of Work

Power Engineering Consultants' core business is power system protection and generator controls and in this specialism it is amongst the most respected in the world.

A major part of the business is the field commissioning of both steam and gas turbine generators, 5-50MW, including all primary plant, protection, synchronising and excitation controls, PLCs and SCADA.

When a generator, perhaps one that was designed and commissioned by others, is unsatisfactory in the context of the power system to which it is connected, the Company can examine the design of all controls and make modifications as necessary.  It is often asked to do so.

The Company is very well experienced in power system distribution planning up to 145kV for Regional Electricity Companies and for consumers of electricity alike.  In addition to dealing with the power systems of a supplier or consumer, the Company deals with the connection between them.  It advises about suitable designs for the connections and supports these through to project completion. Earthing designs are undertaken up to 33kV in house.  Surveys and wayleave matters are subcontracted.

The Company is pleased to be involved at any stage of a project from preliminary design through installation and final commissioning or indeed to run an entire project. It is free from restrictive ties with any particular manufacturer and so works with any proprietary equipment for any application at any voltage and in any location.

Most contracts are to do with HV supplies, but LV utilization matters within buildings are also brought forward for solution.  Examples are, flicker caused by a large drive, UPS replacement, excessive harmonics and computer screen wobble.  The Company is pleased and able to deal with these and any other quality of supply issues.