Company History

There seemed, in 1989, to be a gap in the market for specialist high quality services for power systems. There were firms of consultants, some of them very good indeed, and there were contractors of all shapes and sizes. There did not seem to be any companies that did both these aspects well.

Originally started by the present management in 1989, Power Engineering Consultants registered as a Limited Company in 1990 and became a Public Limited Company in 1996.

The company started in the stables building in the yard of the house occupied by one of the founders in Alderley Edge. In 1994, having outgrown the Stables, it moved to very pleasant offices which are virtually on the A34 and amongst the shops in Alderley Edge.

Since formation, Power Engineering Consultants has worked for major electrical manufacturing and project companies and has developed an enviable reputation for the quality of its work and the quality of its engineers.

Power Engineering Consultants has always enjoyed the highest financial ranking within consultants and contractors in the power industry.